About ‘High-Trust Leadership, High-Performance Teams’

Unprecedented results are closer than you think.

Exceptional team performance is possible.

Building – or restoring – trust can happen more quickly than you’ve imagined.

This blog is about the undying belief that leadership matters. That great leadership is desperately needed. Leadership that activates the very best in people and creates entirely new possibilities.

Leadership Creates Entirely New Possibilities

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At their core, great leaders are grounded firmly in ‘Why’ they lead, and closely attend to ‘How’ they lead.

Great leaders are game changers.

Their teams generate the most innovative ideas, create the most value for customers and energize the most fruitful relationships.

Ungreat managers leave behind an expensive wake of damaging mistrust, actively disengaged team members and incalculable opportunities lost.

It’s a big part of why 7 out of 10 U.S. employees are checked out, costing U.S. companies $450 Billion in lost productivity. (Source: Gallup)

High performers leave. Low performers stay. The culture suffocates, devolves and sputters.

Leaders: this is your opportunity to step up. Lean in. And consider.

What could be possible…

  • if every person on your team showed up with prolific creativity, generous collaboration and insightful communication?

What unprecedented results could you achieve…

  • if your entire team worked with diligence and determination, passion and purpose, clarity and commitment?

Does your leadership enhance or inhibit your people?

Our companies, communities, classrooms – even our youth sports teams – are hungry for great leadership.

Will you lead them well?

They are hungry for leaders who clearly and compellingly communicate ‘Why.’

Leaders who care about the ‘Who.’ Leaders who own their ‘How.’

They don’t expect perfect.

They are hungry for people who are marked by High-Trust Leadership.

These are the leaders who people love to follow.

These are the leaders who achieve unprecedented results.

These are the leaders who dignify work.

Great leaders serve great purposes.

Join us on the adventure as we explore together High-Trust Leadership, High-Performance Teams.

About Todd Kemp

I am a Leadership Facilitator, Consultant and Coach.

I’ve  worked with CEOs, Business Owners and Presidents since 2004, helping them build lasting value in their organizations and multiply their capabilities as leaders so that their teams sustain high levels of engagement and achieve unprecedented results.

I serve as question-asker, perspective-giver and facilitator for a peer advisory group through Convene, a national organization that connects, equips and inspires CEOs and Business Owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God.

Currently, I serve as a volunteer on the Board of Directors for a credit union and have co-owned and operated three entrepreneurial ventures including a software start-up, a retail store and a business brokerage.

Previously, I worked at a Fortune 150 technology company directing a technical sales team responsible for $350M in hardware, software and services revenue. I also led IT development projects in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the U.S.

A graduate of Stanford University, I earned dual degrees in Computer Science and History while playing on two NCAA Championship water polo teams and was selected a four-time NCAA All-American and member of the U.S. National team.

In my work with CEOs and leadership teams, I blend entrepreneurial practicality with big-company experience, infuse the curiosity of a lifelong learner with national championship athletic drive, and integrate lessons from my own painful failures. I engage leaders with my passion for helping them grow as high-performing servant-leaders who make a world of difference.

I live with my bride and two teenage children at the foot of the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, swimming, investing time with my family and learning.